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  1. The Merovingian Kingdoms 450 - 751 (Hardcover)
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  4. The Merovingian Kingdoms 450–751
  5. The Merovingian Kingdoms, by Ian Wood (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

List of abbreviations Preface Introduction: Constructing Merovingian History The Barbarians in Gaul Literary continuity anddiscontinuity: Late-fifth-and-sixth-century culture The establishment of Merovingian power: the Franks before Kings and kingdoms: the structure of the realm in the 6th century The limites of ecclesiastical power: Episocopal jurisdiction and politics Stability in disunity: the civil wars of the 6th century Laws and law-codes: Merovingian legislation Royal women: Fredegund, Table of Contents provided by Publisher.

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The Dress Iconic Moments in Fashion. Churchill Infantry Tank New Vanguard. Kokoda Updated Edition. History of the Peloponnesian War Revised Edition. Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind. Item Added: The Merovingian Kingdoms - Dick, Tom and Barbara read the whole text in draft, and generously offered advice on how to improve what I had written. All who have worked at the weekends arranged by Wendy Davies at her house in Bucknell have helped in one way or another. Most especially, Patrick Wormald offered generous and searching criticism of my views of Merovingian law, while Paul Fouracre and Jinty Nelson scrutinized every chapter, improving the whole immeasurably.

So thorough were Jinty's comments that her daughter once concluded that I was a student having an essay returned! As a child, every summer holiday included a trip to the south of France, and on the drive down and back each year my mother had the task of reading a child's history of France from cover to cover. The origins of this book go back to those journeys. In the history of Europe the period between the end of the Roman Empire in the fifth century and the cessation of Viking raids in the eleventh is one of partic ular importance. Western perspectives on the Mediterranean: cultural transfer in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, AD.

The missionary life: saints and the evangelisation of Europe, - Wood, Ian N. Franks and Alamanni in the Merovingian Period. The most holy abbot Ceolfrid Wood, Ian N. Gregory of Tours.

The Merovingian Kingdoms 450 - 751 (Hardcover)

The Theodosian Code. People and Places in Northern Europe The Christianization of Scandinavia. Roman barbarians in the Burgundian province Wood, Ian N. Latin Wood, Ian N. Why collect letters? La culture religieuse du monde franc au temps de Colomban Wood, Ian N. Merovingian monasticism and England Wood, Ian N. Reform and the Merovingian church Wood, Ian N.

Merovingian dynasty

What Is a Mission? Columbanu's journeys Wood, Ian N. Ehrenrettung einer Epoche Wood, Ian N. Who are the Philistines? The political structure of the Burgundian kingdom Wood, Ian N. Between Rome and Jarrour.


The cult of saints in the south-east of Gaul in the fifth and sixth centuries Wood, Ian N. Concluding remarks - Some comparative observations Wood, Ian N. Heirs of the Martyrs Wood, Ian N. Hagiographie und Mission Wood, Ian N. Empire and Aftermath Wood, Ian N.

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Entrusting western Europe to the church, Wood, Ian N. York en de Angelsaksische missies naar het continent Wood, Ian N. Chains of chronicles: The example of London, British library ms. Categorising the cynocephali Wood, Ian N. Levison and St. Ideas of mission in the Carolingian world Wood, Ian N. The northern frontier: Christianity face to face with paganism Wood, Ian N. The Burgundians Wood, Ian N. The Franks and papal theology, Wood, Ian N. Theoderic's monuments in Ravenna Wood, Ian N. Deira and York in 7th and 8th centuries Morris, Richard K.

Review article: Landscapes compared Wood, Ian N.

  • The Merovingian Kingdoms, 450-751?
  • The Merovingian Kingdoms 450–751!
  • The Merovingian Kingdoms 450-751.
  • The Merovingian Kingdoms – by Ian N. Wood.

Pericles and the Simpsons Wood, Ian N. Bede's Jarrow Wood, Ian N. Christianisation and the dissemination of Christian teaching Wood, Ian N.

The Merovingian Kingdoms 450–751

Usurpers and Merovingian kingship Wood, Ian N. Boniface Wood, Ian N. Misremembering the Burgundians Wood, Ian N. The final phase Wood, Ian N.

The Merovingian Kingdoms, by Ian Wood (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

Beyond satraps and ostriches: political and social structures of the Saxons in the early Carolingian period Wood, Ian N. Ruthwell: contextual searches Wood, Ian N. Deconstructing the merovingian family Wood, Ian N. An absence of saints? Constructing cults in early medieval France: local saints and churches in Burgundy and the Auvergne Wood, Ian N. Topographies of holy power in sixth-century Gaul Wood, Ian N.

In praise of uncertainty Wood, Ian N. Missionaries and the Christian frontier Wood, Ian N. Culture Wood, Ian N. The north-western provinces Wood, Ian N.

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Aethicus Ister: an exercise in difference Wood, Ian N. Family and friendship in the West Wood, Ian N. Before or after mission social relation across the middle and lower Rhine in the seventh and eighth centuries Wood, Ian N.